Bed Management

Highly Customizable Bed Management Suite at your Fingertips

Simple yet Robust Bed Management Solution to help you manage the entire bed management process.
bed management in healthcare industry

Multi Facility Capacity Details on one Screen

  • View the Real-time Capacity Details on a Single Screen.

  • Figure out the requirements for each Patient.

  • Allocate the right beds and rooms with a single click.


Heatmap and Reporting

  • Real-time status of the facility census.
  • Daily Patient Arrival and Discharge details.
  • Detailed Report for every granular information.

Custom Workflows for Maintenance Management

  • Monitor the Maintenance Status across multiple facilities.
  • Keep a track of Out of Order Rooms and Beds.
  • Real-time notifications for your Housekeeping teams.

Endless Benefits

Increased Productivity

Reduced Wait Time for Patients

Reduced Delays

Shorter Bed Turnover Time

Predictive Planning

Intelligent Bed Assignment

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