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Focus on promoting patient self-care with Elixir’s intuitive Patient Portal capabilities that offer quick and easy access of medical information to patients, and help in minimizing workday interactions of the care team which in turn allows them to focus on more important tasks in terms of patient care, enhancing the healthcare facilities overall productivity.

Empowering the Patient

  • Elixir Patient Portal offers patients seamless access to their demographic details, medical history, up-to-date prescriptions, immunization records, diagnoses, additional healthcare information, and healthcare educational material.
  • Patients can view, download Lab results; and request prescriptions and refills.
  • HIPAA-complaint communication support allows patients to connect with their care team securely regarding their treatment and progress.

Documentation Management

  • Enhance your treatment process with fact-based education. The care team can put educational documents and videos on the Patient Portal which the patients can access at any time.
  • Providers can ensure timely compliance by sending required forms, surveys, and other documents; and send automated notifications.
  • The platform is highly customizable, allowing providers to upload their preferred documents and update visibility as a client progresses through treatment.

Appointment Management

  • Enhance your appointment workflow by allowing patients to book or reschedule their appointments online and send automated notifications.
  • Reduce waiting time at the provider’s office by allowing patients to fill pre-appointment questionnaires and forms at home before the visit.
  • Enhance patient communication by providing patients access to their online session recordings.

Payment system

  • Provide patients with a seamless experience to manage their medical billing by allowing them to track their bills and make payments through the portal.
  • Patients can also view their payment statements, payment schedules and download e-receipts for their payments.

Alumni Management

  • Define your post treatment touch point schedule and monitor the contact attempts to understand your alumni engagement at a glance.
  • Provide patients with a healthy environment after the recovery by creating community groups and making them accessible to the patients.
  • Keep your alumni engaged by sharing relevant materials.
  • Increase your reach by allowing patients to easily refer contacts though patient portal.

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