Top 5 Most Common Issues with Healthcare Systems today in US

Rahul Gupta January 30, 2023 Healthcare Industry

US Government has taken multiple measures to improve and make an effective US healthcare system during the last few years. According to a study, only 7% of the total population in the US is satisfied with the current Healthcare System.

Statistics show us that we need changes in our healthcare system to make it more powerful so that US can tackle the pandemic situation and overcome major challenges in the Healthcare sector.

What are the major challenges with US Healthcare Sector in 2023?

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1. Medical Errors: 

Medical Errors can cost your patients not just their health but, can even cost their life. A preventable medical error is a violation of a patient’s trust. Usually, these errors take place when despite there being a more correct treatment path for the patient, a different treatment is used inadvertently.

There are several reasons for medical errors. Some of them are listed below:

Fatigue: As you all know, healthcare workers work long shifts, and only take a little rest between the shifts.

This reduces their concentration power and makes it harder to focus on cognitive tasks, leading to mistakes.

User Error: These errors can occur when a practitioner is unknown or unfamiliar with a system or fails to double-check the information put in.

A misclick on a drop-down menu could lead to a mistake.

Inexperience: When a new healthcare worker fails to take into account diagnostic tools or symptoms outside their experience, it can lead to a preventable error.

Elixir is your one-stop solution to reducing all these errors. Elixir’s digitally automated and intuitive workflows not only transform your facility to be completely paperless but also the data is auto-populated at all the required places as to reduce the burden of repopulating the same data. The checks and balances on the information have been designed by healthcare experts to minimize user errors.

2. Difficult to find a good Treatment Center:

With the lack of information about treatment centers and doctors’ credentials, it is challenging for health consumers to find out a good treatment center or a doctor. Patients only rely on online reviews that can only assess staff-friendliness and wait-time. But these platforms cannot give critical information about the treatment centers, and the right doctors who can deal with the same health issue in the past. This causes a disconnect in maintaining a proper customer relationship.

Elixir’s super powerful patient relationship module is built on the world’s #1 CRM solution, Salesforce, and is specifically designed for healthcare providers. It allows you to maintain a single source of truth for all your marketing and patient relationship activities. Elixir has built-in workflows to enable referral management and alumni relationship.

3. Poor Efficiency:

Hospital readmissions and medical errors due to the lack of quality patient care put patient’s life at high risk.

According to a study, Doctors spend time on updating EHR and coordinating with insurance providers due to coverage restrictions which waste valuable time and resources. The most common reason for this is legacy EHRs which have rigid workflows. But Elixir with their new-age system has enabled full customization according to your facility’s needs. Its highly efficient workflows reduce the time spent on EHR so that your providers can focus on improving patient care.

4. Shortage of HealthCare Staff:

The challenge of having healthcare staff is getting worst as the count of health consumers is increasing day by day after the Covid-19 to the count of doctors or nurses. This impacts the patient quality care. As we know, a patient needs different levels of care to become healthy and fit. But the shortage of healthcare staff in treatment centers affects the quality care which put health consumers’ health at risk.

5. Rising Healthcare Expenses: 

Rising Healthcare or Medical Expenses in Healthcare Industry is not new. The rising cost in the healthcare sector discourages health consumers in many ways, from taking lab tests to doing regular follow-ups, post-visit, which ultimately leads to poor patient outcomes.

Try Elixir to overcome the major challenges with US Healthcare Sector

Elixir EHR Practice Management is more than just about recording and reporting data. Elixir offers out-of-box functionalities catered to your needs.

Elixir EHR Practice Management’s core capabilities:

1. Complete view of the patient. With the complete view of the patient healthcare providers have access to the right information about the patient including current information, appointments, and communication preferences.
2. Empower healthcare providers to go beyond health records and build a strong relationship with patients.
3. Make healthcare information more accessible, improving workflows and care outcomes.
4. Securely sharing information with patients and healthcare providers.
5. Improve patient and addiction treatment center interaction and communication.

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