Electronic Health Record

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Patient Management

  • The seamless flow of patient information equips the care team with the necessary tech tools to serve the patients in a better/holistic way.
  • Quick and effective setting of treatment plan in Elixir EHR system allows care team to spend more time on actual patient care.
  • Elixir EHR provides a complete utilization review by merging insurance information and concurrent reviews on patient chart at each level of care.
  • Elixir equipped with powerful Salesforce capabilities allows the care team to connect securely with each other and the patient via chatter, emails or text messages.

Intelligent and customizable Healthcare Notes

  • Elixir EHR provides the platform to digitally recreate any and every note and form templates and customize them according to your needs.
  • Intelligent auto text generation and the enhanced ability to autofill the form and note data from anywhere in the EHR system make note-taking super easy.
  • Elixir EHR system enhances your note taking capabilities by providing the ability to upload and mark images within your care notes, and empowers you to extract the notes and forms in pdf format for better communication and collaborative care.

E-prescription & Medication Management

  • A single-screen structure of Elixir EHR gives you complete flexibility to manage and administer prescriptions, and enables you to review all the medications each patient has taken over the course of treatment.
  • Seamless integration of Surescripts screen into Elixir enhances efficiency by removing the need to hop between different systems and different screens.
  • Elixir is fully compliant with Surescripts requirements to enable you to legally and securely prescribe controlled substances.
  • The seamless flow of the Elixir EHR alerts you of allergies or other issues before medication to enable better decision-making.

Lab Ordering system

  • Elixir's next generation Lab interface capabilities makes ordering your lab tests for your internal labs faster and easier special features like with inbuilt bar code creator.
  • Integration with Change healthcare, one of the largest lab networks, enables speed testing and drive efficient laboratory medical claims billing.
  • With Salesforce’s incomparable static and dynamic dashboards, Elixir provides the ability to utilize graphical dashboards to see detailed information on all Lab Orders, Lab Requisitions, and Lab results.
  • Use business intelligence to group and identify patients receiving abnormal results as well as what the abnormal results are.

Streamlined Telehealth capabilities

  • Elixir’s telehealth capabilities reach beyond integration by providing flexible and automated scheduling; and documenting sessions through Elixir Notes.
  • Multiple custom-built capabilities for managing telehealth programs.
  • Appointment Management along with automated virtual meeting capabilities.
  • Automatic notifications and tasks for the care team and the patient.

Business Intelligence and reporting

  • Elixir inherits Salesforce’s powerful reporting capabilities to help you identify areas of improvements in clinical care or operations.
  • Reportable data across the board helps the care team helps to identify based practices and provide better care to the patient.
  • Assess operational efficiency with Smart Utilization Review.
  • Analyse trends with patient charting.

Auditing & Alerts

  • Elixir’s checks and balances with our automated auditing of note, forms flow, charts and signature approvals help you stay compliant with all the regulations in healthcare.
  • The alerts sent by Elixir EHR alerts the team when forms are due to ensure that the facility remains compliant.
  • Elixir EHR system also helps the team to request action, update status, and communicate more effectively.
  • Time tracking within the system helps the management to extract compliance reports, which helps with claim approvals.

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