Workflow Efficiencies

Choose a specifically designed system for your practice

Transform medical office operations and enrich patient care with a system designed to improve workflow efficiencies and meet the ever-changing needs of your practice.

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Realize workflow efficiency in infinite possibilities


Guiding patients to the clinic

Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows, while customizable scheduling and automated check-in processes reduce work for office staff meaning patients receive the care they need


Shorten Intake Time, Extend your Service Satisfaction

Taking new patients in, filling up forms, verifying benefits, arranging travel, etc can be so time consuming and cumbersome. Elixir helps you manage by simply automating these processes.


Intuitive UI to Eliminate Errors

Major cause of manual errors in EHRs is due to confusing interface. Elixir is built to have a clean, intuitive and visually appealing interface to increase productivity and avoid confusions.


Type Less, Document More

Type only the new information as it arrives. Elixir’s intelligent system is always aware of the history and fills up the documents for you, saving more time while creating more documents.


Infinite Personalized Templates

Standard EMR templates treat all the patients in a similar manner, which is never the ideal case. Elixir’s template builder lets you make unlimited personalized templates to address your patients’ subtle differences and saves your doctors from disservice.


Never Lose Money over Manual Errors

Most of the claim rejection happens over manual errors during data entry. Elixir’s integrated billing takes care of it with automated claim processing, accurate medical code transcription and e-payment tracking to increase reimbursements.


Boost efficiency with Elixir

Do you have a vision of increased efficiency, boosted revenue and improved patient care for your healthcare practice? Come partner with Elixir. We put specialized practice management tools in your hands to improve your workflow efficiency.

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