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Focus more on your patients with Elixir’s Revenue Cycle Management capabilities that efficiently reduce claim denials, provides transparent billing and helps manage complications that arise out of insurance billing
Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare

Automated Insurance Verification

  • Increased payment collections with real-time verification of patient eligibility.
  • Easy integration with clearing houses for accurate eligibility verification.
  • Automatic error detection and real-time alerts in case of outdated benefits.

Real-time Cost of Care Calculation

  • Accurate estimates of patient and insurance responsibility at your fingertips.
  • Show the estimated cost to your patients upfront to avoid bad debt.
  • Contracted price-based calculation and real-time updates based on provider rates.

Effective Claim Processing and Generation

  • Automate the claim generation process and verify the claims status in real-time.
  • Electronic claims submission to avoid delays and disruptions in cash flow
  • Maximize revenue by eliminating claim denials and rejections .

Electronic Remittance Advice Handling

  • Choose between Manual or Automatic ERA handling as per your requirements.
  • Extensive capabilities for tracking and processing of Explanation of Benefits.
  • Multiple custom workflows for automatic claim reconciliation .

Automated Payment Processing

  • Effectively track patient’s responsibility and manage patient payments.
  • Integrate with any payment processing platforms for a complete experience.
  • Out of the box custom notifications for sending payment reminders to patients.

Statements and Invoices for Patients

  • Automatic billing statement generation and advanced tracking capabilities..
  • Easily share medical records, billing information and invoices securely with patients.
  • Make use of security encrypted statements and invoices as per requirements .

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