Why Elixir

We Built It For Our Users

Choose an EHR That Is Built for the Users

Elixir provides an end to end integrated solution for delivering a seamless patient care experience and an even better provider experience.

Reason #1

Reinvent Your Patient Touchpoints

  • Empower your patients to book appointments online at their time and convenience without conflicts.
  • Enable your patients to access their health information online anywhere, anytime.
  • Let your patients access your healthcare services beyond their proximity through Telehealth.
  • Provide seamless payment systems both online and offline to reduce claim denials through errors.

Reason #2

Empower Your Doctors To Devote More Time On Patients And Less To EHRs

  • Build unlimited personalized templates for notes at no extra cost with Elixir’s built-in template builder.
  • Review 360-degree patient information with a single click.
  • Save time extensively!
  • Generate patient notes through dictation in real-time.
  • Introduce your doctors to the world of virtual health to provide better patient experience and effortless documentation.

Reason #3

Rescue Your Nurses From Burning Out

  • Auto-populate long forms to avoid redundancy and save time extensively.
  • Smart schedule the caseload among your staff so that no one ends up doing more work. Experience stress free workforce.
  • With Elixir every nurse gets a personal secretary like experience to remind them of events, medication and much more at the right time.
  • Elixir’s Assessments help the care team in being planned and organized, hence avoiding any possible confusion.

Reason #4

Increase The Efficiency Of Admissions And Administrators

  • Elixir’s real time census information and heatmap helps optimize your operational decision making. Precise planning.
  • Manual errors, duplicate data, incorrect bills are all concerns of past with Elixir’s revolutionary data management capabilities.
  • Decrease individual caseload and avoid resource crunch with seamless time tracking of various stakeholders.
  • Pull out any report, anytime with stunning visuals using the built-in report builder and dashboards.

Reason #5

Help Your Billing Team And Accountants Get Better Reimbursements For Your Healthcare

  • Integrate with all your systems and keep an accurate ledger of patient services when they get it, while they get it.
  • Significantly reduce the workload of your accounts team by enabling patients to schedule and pay online.
  • Put out the fire even before it starts to smoke, with Elixir's Intelligent AI Claim Denial Prediction.
  • Leverage the smart Utilization Review feature to access accurate information and avoid claim denials.

Reason #6

Get More Leads And Convert Them For Your Sales And Marketing Team

  • Leverage Salesforce to automate your marketing campaigns and exponentially increase the inflow of leads.
  • Reduce your lead conversion time using foolproof out of the box lead management functionality.
  • Increase your patient engagement metrics and accelerate your business outcomes using the world’s best CRM.

Reason #7

Help Your CXOs And Shareholders Achieve Their Business Goals

  • Tap into each system, gain valuable insights and make informed business decisions.
  • Enables real time monitoring of your facility’s operation and finances through Elixir’s reports and dashboards.

Different Use Cases of Elixir

Solutions We Offer

Elixir fits rightly into your healthcare business irrespective of your facility size and type.
Salesforce EHR

Elixir For Addiction Treatment Centres

  • Elixir is a completely open solution that can be specifically customized for all the needs of your treatment centre.
  • Nurture your patients at various touchpoints with an integrated patient experience.
  • Run highly targeted marketing campaigns with Salesforce and reach out to people looking for recovery solutions.
Salesforce EHR

Elixir For Clinics And Medical Offices

  • Replace your tedious paperwork with a hassle-free Salesforce cloud EHR.
  • Leverage the power of Salesforce to increase your facility’s patient intake and revenue stream.
  • Significantly increase the capacity of your clinic to serve more patients through telehealth and patient portal.
  • Make use of a variety of modular solutions for optimizing different processes at your facility.
Salesforce EHR

Elixir For Hospitals

  • Leverage the scalability of Salesforce for your entire facility.
  • Transfer data with enhanced security and compliance with Elixir on Salesforce.
  • Manage your operations seamlessly with real-time insights and agile decision making.
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