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360 Degree Patient Intake Management Solution

Elixir optimizes your Patient Intake Process and significantly boosts productivity and in turn patient satisfaction.


Simplified Patient Intake

  • Custom Workflows for Automating the entire Patient Intake Process.
  • Effectively manage your patient information on standard Salesforce Leads and Opportunities.
  • Consistent Patient Data across the Organization helps in avoiding errors.
  • Increase your outreach using Multiple Digital Channels and eliminate the possibilities of missing out on new leads.

Efficient Insurance Verification Minimizes Claim Denials

  • Intuitive Inbuilt processes for automating the entire Insurance Verification Process.
  • Capture Insurance Details in a very easy and effective manner.
  • Integrate with Clearing Houses for real-time Verification of Benefits.

Integrated Pre-Admission Assessments

  • Easily capture and maintain Pre-Assessment details for a fully integrated EHR experience.
  • Custom flows for Accurate Pre-Assessment Verification to minimize errors.
  • Track patient preferences and create Personalized Plans for providing personalized experience.

Intuitive Payment & Billing Workflows

  • Manage several key aspects of the inhouse Payment and Billing processes.
  • Generate automated Payment Schedules as per patient requirements.
  • Easily Integrate with Payment Processing Platforms for a Complete Experience.

Travel Management Capabilities

  • Easily maintain the travel details of all your patients.
  • Multiple Custom Workflows for managing Travel Arrangements of patients.
  • Inbuilt alerts for travel arrangement confirmation and missed bookings instances.

Intelligent Census Management

  • Multi Facility Capacity Details on a Single Screen.
  • Intuitive Heatmap for real-time status of the facility census.
  • Monitor the Maintenance Status and send real-time notifications to your Housekeeping teams.

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