Elixir Webinar Series

Past Webinars

As a healthcare provider, meeting regulatory goals is one of the most critical parts of your process, especially for MACRA as compliance leads to both positive and negative payment adjustments for all medicare part B claims. So it has become all the more critical for the healthcare clinics or providers to understand the process to stay one step ahead and be on the winning side. In this webinar, speakers share their insights to ensure you are prepared and fully informed about the MACRA MIPS and APM process.
Some of the things we talked about:
  1. What is MACRA? What are the various programs under MACRA to help providers increase revenue?
  2. Eligibility and participation process for MIPS and APM program.
  3. Steps that healthcare providers need to follow to make most of these compliance requirements and earn upto 9% of positive adjustment.
  4. Finally, we talk about the claim submission process for MIPS.
Technology is now an inseparable part of healthcare and being the leader of your organization, you get the chance to make decisions that leave a long-lasting impact of your organization. Choosing the right Electronic Health Record (EHR) is one of the most crucial decisions as it ties everyone in the organization together, from client contact to data gathering and analysis, treatment planning to outcomes measurement, and coding to billing. Analyzing and selecting the right EHR for your organization’s needs takes a methodical, multidisciplinary approach. In this webinar, speakers shares their insights to ensure you are prepared and fully informed while selecting your EHR vendor.
Some of the things we talked about:
  1. How cloud based solutions are better than physician hosted solutions?
  2. The important features that need to be a part of your EHR System.
  3. How to look at data migration as a critical part of contractual obligations for EHR vendor selection?
  4. Finally, we talked about the latest disruptors in EHR.