Medical Supplier Solutions

A Customized Solution for Medical Suppliers

Elixir provides all the capabilities that are required by medical equipment suppliers to manage day-to-day operations, provide best experience to their clients and remain compliant with all the healthcare regulations.

Client Intake

  • Custom Workflows for Automating the entire Client Intake Process from Lead Management to Assessment.
  • Increase your outreach using Multiple Digital Channels and eliminate the possibilities of missing out on new leads.
  • Intuitive Inbuilt processes for automating the entire Insurance Verification Process.
  • Custom flows for Accurate Assessment and Verification to minimize errors.

A Complete Note Package

  • Digitally recreate any and every your note and form templates and customize them according to your needs.
  • Intelligent auto text generation and the enhanced ability to autofill the form data from anywhere in the Elixir system make form-filling super easy.
  • Enhanced note and form taking capabilities with the ability to upload and mark images within notes and forms, and ability to extract the notes and forms in pdf format for better communication and collaborative care.
  • Electronically send forms directly to your clients with enhanced e-signing capabilities.

Inventory Management

  • Keep a track of your stock/inventory, revenue, expiration dates, manufacturer and a lot more. Tie that data with the clients. Create custom reports. Get automatic notifications.
  • Get holistic view by building custom reports across your practice. Get data for revenue, consults, patients. Extract, Transform and Export data.
  • Create role based access for administrators, site administrators, location/department administrators, billers, inventory managers etc.

Revenue Management

  • Create invoices and charge clients according to defined inventory price values, and utilize integrated discounting functionality to provide better staff and client experience.
  • Automate electronic claim submission process to avoid delays and disruptions in cash flow.
  • Extensive capabilities for tracking and processing of ERA/EOB with automated claim reconciliation.
  • Integrate with any payment processing platform for a complete billing experience.

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