Improving Patient Engagement with Elixir Practice Management

Neeta February 15, 2022 Practice Management

Running a successful healthcare practice requires the providers to focus on a multitude of operations on a daily basis. Most of these operations focus on revenue-generating activities that directly impact the bottom line. With the providers being so busy with these operations, they become very susceptible to losing sight of the fact that the quality of patient experience can make or break a practice.

It has become highly imperative for healthcare providers to focus on making sure that they are taking appropriate actions so that the patient engagement levels are consistently maintained. Patient engagement dynamics require healthcare providers to treat patients as partners in the care process and work together so as to achieve better outcomes. When patients are appropriately engaged, they are well informed throughout their treatment journey, they take part in the decision making and actively participate in all treatment related activities.

Improving Patient Engagement with Elixir Practice Management

Why focus on Patient Engagement?

Healthcare providers need to make sure that they are taking appropriate actions to keep the engagement levels high. Patients place a significant amount of trust in their care providers and hence they expect that their situation is properly heard and understood. Healthcare providers need to make sure that the patients are duly involved while developing their care plans. In case there is new technology involved, it’s important that patients are properly guided. Patients feel more comfortable and engaged when they are completely in the loop and have access to all the necessary information. It is also important that there is complete transparency throughout the care process.

Patient engagement is arguably as important as any other healthcare activity. It provides innumerable benefits to patients and providers alike. Some benefits are better care, better communication, and better treatment outcomes. When patients are well acquainted with everything that is happening in their treatment journey, the overall satisfaction increases significantly which in turn results in the practice being able to maintain and grow its patient base.

Patient Engagement Strategies

Healthcare providers all over the world make use of several strategies to enhance their patient engagements levels. Some common strategies adopted by providers are as follows:

1. Coaching the care team members about the importance of patient engagement is definitely the first and the most important step in this direction. Providers need to make sure that the benefits of patient engagement are clearly communicated and processes are setup accordingly.

2. Goals and expectations in terms of patient engagement must be discussed and defined based on a common consensus.

3. Relevant KPIs need to be consistently tracked to ensure that the goals are being achieved.

4. There should be emphasis on frequent touchpoints with the patients throughout the care process.

5. Patient Portals are definitely very helpful in enhancing the patient experience. Portals provide the patients with easy access to their health and clinical information along with the ability to interact with their care providers on the go. All of these capabilities truly give patients a sense of empowerment and more control over their treatment journey.

Elixir – The One Stop Solution for Improving Patient Engagement

Elixir Practice Management Suite is a comprehensive solution which streamlines all the phases of the patient care process and helps in increasing the overall productivity for healthcare providers. It provides an end-to-end integrated solution for delivering a seamless patient care experience and an even better provider experience.

Elixir is highly intuitive which makes it very user friendly and easy to use. It’s truly a patient centric solution as there are various workflows built which help in streamlining the entire patient journey. It helps in decreasing repetitive tasks, such as manually calling patients with appointment reminders or printing and mailing various test results. This frees up the care team’s time to focus more on the patient’s care which in turn has a direct impact on the patient satisfaction.

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