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Elixir EHR Announces Launch of an automated Medical Coding Feature Available Immediately to Medical Providers

Elixir, a complete EHR & Practice Management Solution, released a new, and much needed, feature today for a medical coding, an easy to use and automated feature to ease the burden on the healthcare staff and billing in healthcare clinics across the US. As the healthcare providers across US are facing an enormous number of claim rejection mainly due to claim documentation or incorrect coding, Elixir provides an easy to use automated feature with your EHR and RCM solutions that helps to efficiently record CPT, ICD, HSCPCS and Snomed CT codes and automatically relate them to different procedures performed on the patient. Elixir takes it one step further by automatically pre-populating these codes on your CMS-1500 and UB-04 claim forms to help bring efficiency and efficacy to the system.

Elixir EHR’s Referral Program Debuts

Elixir Healthcare Practice Management Suite has launched a new Referral Program to partner  with organizations for reaching the healthcare providers and help bring real change to in the healthcare industry.

Many healthcare providers, marketers and organizations have successfully been onboarded as Elixir’s referral partners. The new Referral Program provides a platform where organizations can refer healthcare providers to directly work with Elixir team so as to help healthcare providers implement Elixir in their healthcare practice to bring creativity, efficiency, and business intelligence in the healthcare industry, and earn revenue while doing it.

Elixir Healthcare Practice Management partners with Healthcare Product company to bring real results

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We are pleased to announce that after an exhaustive and competitive Practice Management Suite evaluation, the leading maternity product provider has chosen to implement Elixir across their entire organization. The maternity product provider has experienced substantial growth since starting as a small organization focused on helping pregnant women. Quality, efficiency, and value were key factors in making the decision. The organization will go LIVE with Elixir in 2022.

“I am pleased to be moving to a single integrated Electronic Health Record and Patient Intake Management suite that will enhance and streamline our health product onboarding and disbursal process,” said the CEO of the organization.

Elixir EHR partners with Change Healthcare to dramatically enhance prescribing safety and efficiency

Elixir, worlds’ #1 practice management solution built on Salesforce Cloud platform, today announced it has partnered with Change Healthcare to provide comprehensive e-prescribing functionality within Elixir’s integrated Electronic Health Record system. The partnership brings the safety and efficiency benefits of Change Healthcare’s Gold Certified e-prescribing platform to Elixir’s intuitive single-source solution that streamlines practice workflow, improves efficiencies, reduces costs and improves clinical outcomes.

Pranshu Goyal, Elixir Product Head said “Elixir is all about efficiency and usability, so the care team members can give 100% of focus on the patient care.

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Elixir EHR takes system customizability to next level with Note and Form Builder

San-Ramon-based Elixir, makers of the first Practice Management Suite built on World’s #1 CRM and cloud solution, salesforce; widely used by facilities treating mental health, behavioural health, outpatient, residential and more, announced the release of their most awaited Note and form builder. This exclusive technology allows providers an easy and intuitive way to digitally create or recreate any and every note and form template and customize it according to their own needs.

Elixir combines this unique ability with out of the box powerful Salesforce reporting abilities to deliver deep and real-time analytics across all the data being recorded on these notes and forms.