Elixir Partners Foundry of Courage to Revolutionize Mental Health Care

Elixir Partners Foundry of Courage to Revolutionize Mental Health Care


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San Ramon, US, April 15, 2024 – Elixir is thrilled to announce its partnership with Foundry of Courage, a groundbreaking mental health care provider founded by Dr. Elsewick. This partnership aims to revolutionize the landscape of mental wellness in the United States by offering affordable and comprehensive care specifically tailored to men’s mental health needs.

Foundry of Courage, founded by Dr. Elsewick, a passionate advocate for accessible mental health services, goes beyond traditional therapy sessions. The organization offers group support and educational content, providing individuals with practical tools to navigate their mental health journey effectively.

“Elixir is honoured to partner with Foundry of Courage in their mission to transform men’s mental health care,” said Rajeev Kumar, Founder & CEO of Elixir. “We are committed to providing innovative healthcare solutions that empower organizations to deliver exceptional patient care. With Elixir’s expertise and technology, we aim to support Foundry of Courage in providing accessible and high-quality mental health care services to men across the country.”

Through this partnership, Elixir will provide Foundry of Courage with its cutting-edge healthcare solutions, including Contact Centre, Elixir EHR and Elixir RCM, to streamline operations and enhance patient care. Elixir’s solutions will enable Foundry of Courage to efficiently manage patient information, streamline billing processes, and improve overall efficiency, ultimately revolutionizing the mental wellness ecosystem in the United States.

About Elixir:

Elixir was founded in 2019 by Rajeev Kumar, laser-focused innovator who first-hand experienced the frustrations of the healthcare providers when they attempted to streamline processes with legacy EHR systems. As a result, he became determined to remove the administrative burdens that were draining time, energy, and enthusiasm from the way providers work today, creating a world where every provider and patient can thrive.

Elixir EHR is the World’s #1 EHR built on Salesforce, designed by healthcare experts to deliver exceptional patient care & ultimately revolutionize healthcare ecosystem.

For more information about Elixir and its partnership with Foundry of Courage, please contact the Elixir Team at info@elixirehr.com or visit www.elixirehr.com.