New Major Release Notification

Elixir Summer’23 Version 1.396.11 Release is available!

Release Date: Sept 30, 2023

New Major Release Notification

What’s New?

Here is a summary of the major updates in this version:

Reservation Management

  • Reservation Management is a major module that is being released with this version to enable providers to book reservations for patients during the care journey.
  • Providers will have the capability to setup different types of locations such as buildings, suites, rooms etc. with multiple attributes as required.
  • This module enables providers to check real-time availability of locations for creating reservations and also generate estimates.
  • Patients will have the capability to update their insurance details on portal
  • Providers can set up price books for different locations and bill patients based on the reservations booked.


Patient Portal

  • Patients now have the ability to book appointments from portal.
  • Patients can check the real time availability of their desired providers and book the required appointments accordingly.
  • Patients can also access visit summaries and visit notes post appointment completion which would help them track their care journey.


Refund Management

  • Refund management released with this version enables providers to manage refunds effectively.
  • The automations in place make it convenient for providers to map refunds against payments and track status which enhances the billing experience.


Super Bill

  • With this release, providers have the capability to automatically generate superbills for patients based on the services provided.
  • This would fast track the claims process and reduce denials and errors in billing and payments.


Care Plan

  • Providers can setup care plans for their patients to support patients during the care journey.
  • The care plan module provides capabilities to easily align desired goals, objectives and interventions corresponding to the patient problems identified.
  • Care providers can effectively track the progress of the care journey as required with the help of various automations associated with the care plans.


Group Appointments

  • With this release, providers can now set up group appointments to manage patient care.
  • Attendance tracking is available for group appointments to track and have visibility into these sessions.
  • Additionally, care providers can take sessions notes and complete the necessary approvals.

Order Management

  • The order management module released with this version would enable providers to create and manage orders for patients.
  • Providers can maintain an inventory of different items as required and align them for patient care by creating orders as required.
  • Additionally, basic inventory management is included which allows for tracking deductions, status management, and replenishments.

Device & System Compatibility

  • Elixir is compatible on Desktop, Laptop and Tablet
  • For best experience use – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox