Ensuring Clinical Satisfaction with Elixir Practice Management

Neeta July 18, 2022 Practice Management

Practice management

There is continuous technological innovation in the healthcare industry and medical practices now involves much more than just providing treatment to patients. Providers are now really conscious about the systems they are interacting with and are always striving to make processes simpler and eliminate unnecessary activities. Most legacy systems currently being used by care providers fail to meet their needs and are significantly inhibiting their productivity.

Here are a few challenges that providers are facing due to legacy systems:

1. The clinical documentation process is too lengthy and time consuming which makes it really difficult for the clinical staff to effectively record patient data. This takes away a lot of time from the actual patient care.

2. The documentation process is further not very intuitive and it results in a lot of redundancy.

3. The systems do not communicate well with other platforms and clinicians again spend a good amount of time in switching between different systems.

4. There are negligible workflows and automations in place which results in a lot of processes requiring manual guidance and intervention.

5. The user interface is mostly not configurable which means that you would be seeing everything on the screen at once hence experiencing a lot of strain.

6. Making any changes to the existing legacy system processes is really difficult and setting up new processes and modules is too time consuming.

If you can relate with the aforementioned issues, it’s time to think about switching to a new EHR.

Why Elixir is the one stop solution for Clinicians

1. User Friendly Interface – Elixir’s interface is completely user friendly and simple to utilize. The screens are designed intuitively which makes it effortless to navigate through and tend to different clinical activities. And if it doesn’t work for you, you can pretty easily modify your screens as required. It’s like working on a system built to suit your needs rather than adapting to the inconvenient interface of a rigid system.

2. Modular Architecture – Elixir offers a modular architecture which means that each member of the care team can completely customize their system view as per their preferences and can choose the features that they would like to use. This significantly helps in avoiding clutter and simplifying the daily activities.

3. Changes and New Requirements: Elixir’s architecture is designed in a way which makes it really easy to make changes and enhancements to the existing processes. Moreover, new modules and processes can be set up in a matter of days!

4. Clinical Workflows – The inbuilt workflows and automations make sure that a lot of manual tasks are eliminated. Moreover, the process of setting new workflows is pretty easy too. This significantly frees up the time to focus more on the patient’s care which in turn has a direct impact on patient satisfaction.

5. Customizable Notes – The Note Builder module is definitely one of the best features of Elixir. Any kind of Note can be created in a jiffy and you wouldn’t even need technical support for it! You can choose to have any kind of automation for your Notes to make clinical documentation easy. Be it pulling data from anywhere on the patient file, copying historical data from a previous Note or triggering various actions from the Notes itself – Elixir makes sure that it helps you avoid repetitive documentation. The auto text generation feature and the capability to work with macro templates makes note taking really easy. Furthermore, with Elixir’s Console view, you can easily work on clinical documentation for multiple patients simultaneously without the need to navigate to different screens!

6. Integrated Systems – Elixir is built on Salesforce – which means that it can easily integrate with literally any system out there! When you are integrated with the required systems, you can easily access all of the capabilities right from Elixir screens. This simplifies processes and eliminates the hassle of using multiple disjointed platforms.

7. Clinical Decision Support via Powerful Reporting – Elixir’s superior reporting capabilities help in working with truly intuitive patient charting. Since all of the EHR data in Elixir is reportable and you always have a complete picture of the patient, it’s very easy to generate analytical insights which help in better decision making when it comes to various activities pertaining to patient care.

If this has piqued your interest and you would want to see how Elixir is the right fit for your organization, Contact us to take a test drive today!

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