Embracing Patient 360 for Improved Health Outcomes

Neeta July 11, 2022 Practice Management

Patient 360 for Healthcare

What is Patient 360?

During a typical patient care journey, a patient’s medical details are spread over disparate systems which makes it really tedious for providers to render appropriate services. The struggle to gain a true picture is too real due to these disjointed systems. According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, there are more than 250,000 medical error-related deaths in the U.S. each year. Hence it is very important that providers have access to the right patient data in the right format at the right time so as to have a cohesive picture of the patient and provide the best possible care.

The term Patient 360 is currently being rampantly used in the healthcare sector and it has never been more important to understand its significance. It simply means that all the stakeholders involved in the patient journey have a complete picture of the patient based on the data collected at different touchpoints. Patient 360 aims to enhance the experience for all the stakeholders as they are able to access patient data when and where they need it and ultimately the patients receive more personalized care. When everyone involved in the patient care journey has the same view of the patient, it results in improved health outcomes and reduced medical errors.

Reasons Why Patient 360 Matters

It is really imperative for healthcare providers to have a complete view of the patient health data in order to provide suitable care. The complete patient view helps providers in understanding their patients better and planning for a personalized care process. In other words, care team members are able to engage with the patients in a better way and align more specifically to individual health goals as required. The single patient view additionally helps in preventing medical errors which is a glaring result of data inconsistency due to multiple systems. With the comprehensive health data in picture, providers can extract insights for better decision making. Besides that, providers can even identify a health risk within a target population and intervene to work towards positive outcomes.

Apart from the positive impact on the patient care journey, Patient 360 has multiple positive impacts on the overall business as well. It helps in increasing productivity by streamlining everyone on the team towards a common goal. All the consolidated data further helps in creating targeted marketing campaigns to retain existing patients and effectively acquire new ones.

Experience Patient 360 with Elixir

Elixir is an end-to-end practice management suite that aims to provide a 360 view of the patient and helps in bringing all the aspects of the patient care journey on one platform. Here is how Elixir helps in achieving a complete view of the patient:

1. It consists of a customized CRM solution, a full-fledged EHR, a medical billing system and a patient portal – all of it built on a single app. Which means that you will be able to make use of all the required capabilities on a single platform.

2. Elixir maintains a single patient view for all the stakeholders – hence ensuring that there is minimal scope for medical errors.

3. It helps in getting rid of various redundant processes by providing an end-to-end automated system.

4. Elixir effectively integrates with almost all the systems out there and helps in bringing the capabilities of all the disparate systems under one app. Elixir seamlessly connects with multiple labs, provides e-prescription capabilities, does real time eligibility verification, processes claims electronically and securely connects with payment gateways in order to provide a complete experience. Which essentially means that you are not required to log into other systems at all and can experience everything under one roof.

5. The powerful analytical capabilities of Elixir make sure that you are able to easily create reports and dashboards to extract insights which help in better decision making

Want to see how Elixir is the right fit for your organization? Contact us to take a test drive today!

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