ELIXIR – Bed Management Implementation Success Story

Company Profile:

INDUSTRY: Healthcare- Addiction Treatment

SOLUTION(S): Contact Center

LOCATION: Edwards, Colorado, USA



  • Tracking room availability efficiently was a daily challenge.
  • The Admissions team members were using multiple spreadsheets for Bed Management.
  • The room availability status had to be manually tracked and changed in order to have an overview of the availability percentage on each day.
  • Each time a new patient was admitted, or an existing patient was discharged – there were many manual steps that had to be completed to ensure accuracy and consistency of data.
  • There were multiple challenges in managing and keeping a track of Out of Order/ Out Of Service rooms and beds.
  • The Bed Management spreadsheets could not be used for any kind of reporting purposes.

Solution Highlights:

  • The Elixir team designed and delivered a custom and end to end Bed Management module for their Salesforce org.
  • The team also designed a custom Heatmap to overview the percentage availability of their treatment facility on a daily basis.


  • Elixir eliminated the use of spreadsheets for any kind of Bed Management related activity..

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