Elixir Contact Center Implementation and EHR Integration Success Story

Company Profile:

INDUSTRY: Behavioral Healthcare Provider

SOLUTION(S): Contact Center




  • The client wanted to streamline their Patient Pre-Intake process by automating the Lead Management, Pre-assessment, Insurance Eligibility check, Calculating the Cost of Care, Travel Arrangements, Bed Management and Alumni workflow.
  • There was a need to integrate all platforms for the purpose of managing leads in the system
  • The client wanted to integrate the existing EHR system with Salesforce and have both the CRM and the EHR systems in sync.
  • The client wanted to effectively manage Pre-Assessment and VOB processes before shifting the patient to the EHR.
  • There was a need for automating the insurance verification process by integration with a clearing house.
  • Lastly, there was an incumbent need to automate all tasks and processes to ensure end to end pre-intake flow.

Solution Highlights:

  • Elixir was implemented to help maintain patient information and multiple automations were setup to optimize the end-to-end patient management process.
  • Bi-directional sync was configured between Elixir and the external EHR system used by the client to automate patient data sync.


  • Elixir was successful in providing a superior CRM experience and the CRM-EHR Integration boosted productivity and reduced the possibility of data errors.

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