Elixir Healthcare Practice Management partners with Healthcare Product company to bring real results

Elixir Healthcare Practice Management partners with Healthcare Product company to bring real results

San Ramon, US, February 8, 2022

We are pleased to announce that after an exhaustive and competitive Practice Management Suite evaluation, the leading maternity product provider has chosen to implement Elixir across their entire organization. The maternity product provider has experienced substantial growth since starting as a small organization focused on helping pregnant women. Quality, efficiency, and value were key factors in making the decision. The organization will go LIVE with Elixir in 2022.

“I am pleased to be moving to a single integrated Electronic Health Record and Patient Intake Management suite that will enhance and streamline our health product onboarding and disbursal process,” said the CEO of the organization. “Following a thorough evaluation, we determined Elixir would best meet our current and future needs and help us adapt to evolving healthcare trends.”

The ease of customizability of Elixir EHR and the intuitive, customizable forms and notes functionalities of Elixir contributed to the organization’s decision to implement the web-based EHR.

“Our Product team made several customizations to the current product to showcase the abilities of Elixir and help the organization understand the real-time benefits that Elixir can provide to the organization,” stated Pranshu Goyal, Product Head at Elixir.

The organization decided to incorporate Elixir’s Contact Center module to help in the customer intake process. Elixir will help the organization keep its sales team and reference doctors connected by providing a common platform to store data and nurture leads. “We really wanted a system that could improve the quality of care for our patients while keeping them close to home, stated the CEO. “Elixir did just that by enabling web-to lead creation. Elixir took it a step further by providing a platform that enables our customers to fill out the required intake forms at their homes. This will surely increase the efficiency of our sales process. Our team was very impressed with the mobile technology and personalized workflows available in Elixir, and they are thrilled to have an integrated system to meet their needs finally.”

To maximize the system usage in the organization, Elixir will complement the implementation team with additional staff training and Post-LIVE support tailored around the organization’s unique needs.

Elixir’s Founder, Rajeev Kumar, envisions a strong long-term partnership with the organization. “Elixir helps present a one-stop solution for all healthcare organizations, be it hospitals, clinics, or healthcare product organizations. Elixir’s advanced customizable abilities make it uniquely favorable for all the healthcare organization’s needs, “he stated. “By leveraging Elixir to achieve true integration across the care continuum, the organizations are making an investment in the future of a growing digital health ecosystem, and all the opportunities that surround it.”

About Elixir 

Elixir Practice Management Suite is a comprehensive solution consisting of four modules that fit rightly into your healthcare business irrespective of your facility size and type. The Elixir Contact Center module helps manage the entire facility census and the patient intake process. At the same time, the Elixir EHR solution aims at delivering an end-to-end seamless patient care experience. The third module is Elixir Billing, and it effectively fetches data from any EHR platform to process medical claims and manages the entire revenue cycle. Elixir Patient Portal is the last module, and it provides an integrated experience for the patients.

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