Elixir Integration Success Story

Company Profile:

INDUSTRY: Healthcare- Addiction Treatment

SOLUTION(S): Contact Center

LOCATION: Mississippi, USA



  • The Admission team members were using Elixir for updating patient information, recording insurance and pre-assessment details and other patient related workflows while all the medical and clinical data of their patients was being maintained in EHR.
  • The teams had to work separately on both Elixir and EHR to update the same information which was significantly reducing productivity.
  • Managing patient data simultaneously in both Elixir and EHR was too tiresome, and it was frequently causing data consistency issues.

Solution Highlights:

  • The Elixir team designed a bi-directional sync between Elixir and EHR.
  • Multiple integration were done to help in lead management.


  • Complete bi-directional data flow between Elixir and EHR eliminated the need of data entry in multiple systems.

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