Transforming Patient Care & Billing with Elixir EHR & RCM for Population Health Management Provider Success Story

Company Profile:

INDUSTRY: Healthcare Provider





  • The client had fragmented data systems with an in-house patient onboarding system & minimal integration with third-party EHR system.

  • The client relied on third-party systems for managing Lab orders and other processes which affected their workflows and data management.

  • The client wanted to integrate their existing EHR system with Salesforce and have both the CRM and the EHR systems in sync.

  • The client wanted to effectively manage Pre-Assessment and VOB processes before shifting the patient to the EHR.

  • With minimal integration, the client was having an inefficient billing process.

  • The client wanted to automate all tasks and manual processes to ensure efficient & faster end-to-end pre-intake flow.

  • With different systems integrated with their setup, data security and access control for different profiles was not addressed efficiently.

Solution Highlights:

  • Implemented Elixir EHR and RCM modules in their Salesforce setup.

  • Seamless Integration Elixir with existing Salesforce setup to share information.

  • Configured Notes templates for medical care staff to improve documentation efficiency.

  • Enhanced user experience and improved data security settings for different profiles.

  • Created microservices to sync data with the member portal database and enable data access for the member system.

  • Tracked patient billing to create combined bills for B2B clients.


  • Improved workflows and user interface with automation.

  • Reduced the Notes-taking time by healthcare Providers by 50%.

  • Effective Patient Billing with automated workflows in RCM module.

  • Data Management with real-time integration between Elixir EHR & other systems.

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